The latest edition of Dronfield Eye includes a feature on a walking footballer whose life was saved with the help of first aid from a team-mate who had completed the free online course offered by CSALS only weeks before!

Mel Pullen, 75, suffered a cardiac arrest while playing for Chesterfield Senior Spireites FC.

Team-mate Rob Church performed CPR while others rang 999 and collected the club’s defibrillator.

Rob, a retired police officer from Chesterfield, had refreshed his life-saving skills by doing the Prepared to Save a Life course provided by CSALS in association with Virtual College.

Rob said he felt “confident” in his ability to administer first aid as a result of doing the course and urged others to follow suit.

He said: “The training is everything. I said that I felt confident about it again. I would urge everyone to learn CPR as you never know when it might be needed.”

Other Senior Spireites have pledged to do the course and there are plans for CSALS to deliver a practical first aid training session co-ordinated by Chesterfield FC Community Trust.

The feature is available to read via the following link:

The online course, which takes only around an hour to complete, is available here: