Our community facilitator, Debra Johnson, is available to provide a free group online delivery session at your venue.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Facilitating the course during working hours is an ideal way for a company to demonstrate its commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR). Research has shown that customers are more loyal to companies who take CSR seriously.


For schools, the online course is an ideal opportunity for youngsters to learn valuable first aid skills which will benefit them for life. The course is also an ideal refresher for members of staff who have previously received first aid training.


There are flexible options to fit in with the availability of learners. For example, sessions can be staggered to ensure that the company’s workflow is not adversely affected.

If you don’t have a quantity of PCs/laptops available, please note that laptops can be provided.

PR Benefits

Working with CSALS provides your company/organisation with great PR opportunities. Nick Johnson, who acts as CSALS’ PR consultant, is available to ensure that your commitment to promoting first aid skills receives suitable coverage on social media.

Also, local media organisations react favourably to professionally-written press releases, providing opportunities for coverage in newspapers/magazines and on radio.