CSALS (Community Save a Life Scheme) was formed in 2012, with the aim of raising the awareness of the need for more life-savers.

The ‘Famous Five’ – as they have become known – are Dr Cheryle Berry MBE, Dr Jill Bethell MBE, John Hutchinson, Cllr Deborah Watson and Cllr Jim Clifton, who have been the driving force behind CSALS.

Initially partnering with British Heart Foundation, St John Ambulance & East Midlands Ambulance Service, the organisation provided free first aid lessons.

CSALS received widespread media coverage in 2016 when 1,795 people participated in a first aid lesson at the home of Chesterfield FC, setting a new Guinness World Record.

The event received widespread coverage via regional TV/ local radio/newspapers/magazines/social media.

As part of the organisation’s efforts to actively promote the need for more people to learn life-saving skills, CSALS partnered with Virtual College in 2018 to offer a free online first aid course, which was officially launched at Westminster.

Thousands of people have now completed the course, providing them with first aid skills which could result in lives being saved!