Children from New Whittington Primary School have been taught vital first aid skills following a session delivered by CSALS.

CSALS’ community facilitator, Debra Johnson, delivered the session, which involved the children taking the free online course, delivered in association with Virtual College.0The school’s head teacher, Emma Tooley, hailed the session as a great success. She said: “All the information that is needed is provided and it’s a very easy process with an amazing end product for the children. The session began with a really fun quiz which engaged the children straight away.

“It was fantastic because you never quite know how something new is going to be taken. They all felt that they gained from the experience and they all felt more confident to help someone in need should they need to do that.”

Outlining the importance of the subject matter, Emma added: “It’s critically important because none of us know when we might need to use first aid.”

Any school interested in arranging for CSALS to deliver a similar session, which is free of charge, should email

.To watch an interview with Emma, please click on the ‘play’ button below: