The owner of a popular pub/restaurant in Derbyshire ensured that his staff received first aid training after seeing a customer taken ill and requiring assistance until paramedics arrived at the venue. 

John Tompkins, owner of The Devonshire Arms at Middle Handley, explained that the incident motivated him to support CSALS. “Fortunately, there was someone on hand who was able to help and the person involved received the help they needed,” said John.

“The incident did, however, make me more aware of the need for more people with first aid skills so I contacted CSALS and arranged for a training session to be delivered as part of their 999 Appeal.

“The training my staff received was professionally delivered and provided them with the skills to save a life. I would urge more business owners to ensure their staff receive similar training because you never know when you might be called on to save someone’s life.”

Debra Johnson, CSALS’ community facilitator, thanked John for the support he has provided, adding: “The medical emergency at The Devonshire Arms just goes to show that you never know where or when you may find yourself in a life or death situation.

“It is vital that more people are armed with first aid skills and we are committed to providing both practical and online training.”