TV celebrity Mark Wright was on ITV’s This Morning programme on Thursday, stressing the importance of learning CPR.

The presenter is a good friend of Charlie Edinburgh, whose father Justin – a former footballer and manager – died after suffering a cardiac arrest in a gym.

Charlie is campaigning for ‘Justin’s Law’ to legally mandate Automated External Defibrillators in all health and sports facilities in the UK.

Mark had his own experience of administering CPR when he was on holiday and heard that somebody had collapsed in the hotel he was staying at. Despite his best efforts, the person sadly passed away.

Recounting the incident, Mark said: “I did what I could and that’s all you can do in that situation, but he was there for a while before I got there.”

On the importance of first aid training, Mark commented: “Learning CPR is so important as it’s having the confidence to go ‘I know what to do. I can do this, so I should go’. How it’s not on the school curriculum, I do not know.”

Philip Schofield, who interviewed Mark alongside Holly Willoughby, revealed that he had to perform CPR on his father, who went on to live for a further 30 years.

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